In Search Of The Myreque Osrs Quest

Proceed to Varrock and smith them to the required weapons & nails. On death, the hellhound will drop two uncut rubies and four big bones. Speak to Veliaf Hurtz, who’ll say he wants to talk to his superior in order to instate you to the Myreque; you may also ask him more questions about the Myreque and Vanstrom. In the end, ask him the way to leave the hideout; he tells you about a secret passage into Canifis. Leave the chamber, and search the wall in the end of the tube; it will start.
Without further ado, let us proceed to the prerequisites to embark on this quest. If you are stuck on any portion of the quest or would like a fast rundown of this quest, you have come to the right guide. We’ll also explore the benefits which you can expect to receive from this quest in its entirety. Welcome to our quest guide for the Old School RuneScape quest of In Search of the Myreque. This quest is rather a lovely one with a difficulty of intermediate, and even better, is ranked as having a short official length.
In Search of the Myreque OSRS Quest
You should take at least an extra 10,000 coins so you can cover Andras for to Slepe, which will become evident. A Teleport into Haunted Woods, Fenkenstrain’s Castle or a Ectophial should also be taken. Be sure to choose Stamina, Energy and Antipoison Potions. Morytania Legs 3 and Drakan’s Medallion may even be convenient.
Learn more about RuneScape Herblore Training Guide here. Once you have your own Druids pouch, go outdoors, and head west a bit, until you reach a tree, with two logs only north of it. This is the best spot to gather Mort myre fungi to fill your pouch. Continue filling your pouch until it’s at roughly 10-20.
Carl will not be very useful in giving the information we are in need of, so head out and scrutinize the barrel behind the bar to activate a cutscene. This may see you following Carl to the dungeon near the centre of the town, and you will need to take care to not get caught. He’ll turn around on occasion, so be certain that you find a hiding place every time he does so. If he does spot you, then you are going to have to begin again from the start. There is several items that are recommended that you take with you too, though they aren’t necessarily required.