Abilities osrs Optimal Quest Guide

To begin this quest you need to visit the Shantay Pass south of Al-Kharid, then travel west via flying carpet or jogging till you reach the Bedabin Camp. Talk to the archaeologist close to the little water pool, and he’ll give you a few etchings to bring about Terry Balando, the archaeological pro, at the Digsite Exam Centre. You need to have some prayer points staying until you complete the quest. That way you can flee from the level 95 Stranger if he appears.
Praying at the altar twice after finishing the quest will complete a hard job in the Desert area. At quest completion, you will be changed to the Ancient Magicks spellbook. All monsters use just Melee, although the scarab swarms may also poison. Use Protect from Melee when passing them. Follow the ice trail all the way towards the surface, then pass the ice gate. Learn more about Runecrafting OSRS Guide here. A path will appear after the ice gate as you walk.
Questing can be a little bit of a drag when you’re starting new, too figuring out the most effective arrangement is annoying that’s why we created this guide. There are absolutely no prerequisites to start it, you can start from a level 3 account utilizing this quest guide all the way into this quest cape. Over the years we have created many, many accounts and had to perform these quests repeatedly. Quests Are Crucial for advancing in Old School Runescape. There are many bosses, locations, mini-games, skills, items, spell books etc that need quests to unlock them. This article will contain what we think is the most optimal quest guide in OSRS.
Ask her when and exactly what her daughter was doing at the moment. Speak to Al Shabim, afterwards kill the Mercenary Captain and take his secret. Do not try and teleport with Ana in your inventory, the barrel will fall first. Proceed the west-northwest path and use a barrel on Ana. Unequip everything except that the desert robes and enter the gate.
The Tourist Trap osrs quest
Some necessary items for this region of the quest are confront or gasmask, tinderbox, 4 energy, or one stamina potion and it’s important to get your ice gloves in your inventory. Talk to the bartender and purchase a drink for 650 coins, talk with him again, and find out about the four Diamonds of all Azzanadra. You have to complete this step prior to speaking to Eblis, or the option to talk with him about the diamonds will not appear. Run to the oriental construction of this camp and talk to Eblis.